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Fucking Cop 歌詞


Fucking Cop!

But what is the law You are murderer

Tolerated by politicians and rich scandals

Citizens with violence and power

Bastard fucking pool bad guy

Fucking Cop!

Have you ever thought about why you are always a villain in a story

Fucking Cop!

That's why there are people who hate you

Violence is walking in clothes Yakuza in uniform

If they show nature the villain looks like a choir

Always watch out For a way where they do not exist

Run away from a guy

Fucking Cop!

Homo who rejoice been raped by authorities us

Fucking Cop!

Sadist devil who rapes weak men with black stick

Kill black people with game sensation

Ignore the murderer attack a person riding a bicycle

Torture an innocent citizen and make it a criminal

Fucking evil cop you must die

Fucking Cop!



Fucking Cop!

何が法の番人だ お前等は人殺しだ

政治家や金持ち 身内の不祥事には目を瞑り


ろくでなし クソの掃き溜め ならず者さ

Fucking Cop!


Fucking Cop!


暴力が服を着て歩いてやがる 制服を着たヤクザ

奴等が本性を見せてみろ どんな悪党も聖歌隊に見えてくるぜ

常に警戒しろ 奴等の居ない道を探し逃げるんだ

Fucking Cop!


Fucking Cop!





クソッタレな悪徳警官 死んでしまえ


Fucking Cop!

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