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Anger Black Empire 歌詞

God damn! fuck! What do you intend to do?
Ugly old psychopath that destroys the country with confusion

Through forced the brute force bill hide it to the public
When you notice it is the completion of a surveillance society

Do you want to be Hitler? fucking nazis
Politicians are cheaters criminal murderer

Freedom and democracy die judicial function outages illegal cover-up
The press lies and the police do everything lawless

Bad law that can arrest me us at any time has been passed
All citizens are hostages

Do not be silly ostensibly up is clean
Your thought circuit is a corrupt fucking fuck

Black company and hate speech are all on top of his palm
Make celebrities companion rape is also not guilty

Using power flatter in another country do you like anti-Japanese nation
Be fucked by American dictator of discrimination

When the earthquake punks do humanitarian acts
Authorities will not help the victims

Also utilize missile crisis
Either going to have distracted at the appropriate news

Bad guy villain hated person the madman who drowned in power
Election victory by illegal act fake all wrongdoings with other topics

Luxurious with tax adjustable lie on the spot
The aim is war countdown to conscription

I want to beat that distorted face
Mother Fucker i hate you

Die right now!

畜生 ふざけるな 何様のつもりでいやがるんだ
醜い年寄り 国を滅茶苦茶に破壊するサイコパスめ
強引な法案を無理矢理通し それを市民に隠し通し

ヒトラーになりたいのか ファックなナチ公
政治家とは詐欺師 犯罪者 人殺しの事だ
自由と民主が死に 司法は機能停止 不正は揉み消し


ヘラヘラしやがって 口では幾らでも綺麗事を並べられるが
芸能人どもを抱きかかえ レイプも罪に問われない

権力を利用し他国に媚を売る売国奴め 反日国家がそんなに好きか

震災時 パンクス達が人道的行為を行う中
ミサイル危機も利用する 適当なニュースで

悪漢 悪者 嫌われ者 権力に溺れた狂人
違法行為で選挙を制し 悪事は全て他の話題でごまかす
国民の血税で私腹を肥やし その場限りのいい加減な嘘で言い繕う
狙いは戦争だろう 徴兵制度まで秒読みだ

マザーファッカーめ お前が憎くて仕方が無い


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