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Jock Gladiator 歌詞

Black sky The sun shines
Are you going to burn us out
Now of ours are craving the water
Afflicted with hunger and thirst

Connected in handcuffs brought to hell and trapped in a cage
Only in the dream of get used to freedom
We are soul victims wandering around the desert
With adults conspiracy

We are slave gladiators fight for the entertainment
If you do not kill the enemy yourself will die
Continue to wait for a moment to each other the sword
The audience are watching with insanity

They realize life by watching us kill each other
They are pleased by we shed blood
But those who are selling it and getting money
And fame are more pleased

Year one
I feel like was dropped into a deep well that is out of the reach of light
Stench of death, Bottom of darkness, Rockstones interfere with me

The fight of the gladiator is sold and the ruler is profitable
It is still continuing now

Human rights are ignored be abused
Wet fingertips, painful body, bad odor like a wet towel
Only idiots who are only one year up behave like great
I was beaten unilaterally kicked and trampled on my face

Throwing a ball hit a ball and run around
And a loser brings back the soil of the stadium
Adults who laugh ugly cheat us "memorial" "memories"
They get a lot of money and honor

Year two
Light became visible
People that follow also appeared, but still far away

Year three
Likely to reach the light if reach out a hand
A little bit more patience makes me free
Freely as I dreamed

黒い空 太陽が照り付ける

手枷と足枷に繋がれ 地獄に連行され檻に閉じ込められる
俺達は心の遭難者 心の砂漠を彷徨っている

俺達は奴隷剣闘士 見世物として剣を振るう

だが それを売りカネや名声を得ている奴らは

1年目 光の届かない深い井戸に突き落とされたような気分だ
死臭 暗闇の底 落石が俺を妨害する

徹底的に無視された人権 虐待に等しい待遇
ふやけた指先 軋む身体 湿ったタオルのような悪臭
一方的に殴られ蹴られ 顔面を踏み付けられる

球を投げ 球を打ち走り回り 敗北者は闘技場の土を持ち帰る
肥え太り禿げ上がり 下劣な笑いを浮かべる背広を着た大人達は

2年目 ようやく光が見えるようになった
後に続く者達も現れた だがまだ先は遠い

3年目 手を伸ばせば光に届きそうだ
あと少し ほんの少しの辛抱で俺は自由になれる

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