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Raw-Guy 歌詞

Dignity was lost

No one will pay homage to them any longer
Lump of ego misunderstand that I am the greatest
An old loser it sticks to the glory of the past
Still feel king in my mind be crushed by enlarged pride

In the head filled with solid fucking not worth anything
Do not impose on us what you believe is right
Dead body pitiful old man rusted it is only a grave that is waiting
Old fucking soldiers leave Your era is fucking over


エゴの塊 自分が最も偉いと勘違いし思い上がる
老いた負け犬 過去の栄光に縋ってやがる

凝り固まったクソが詰まった頭の中 何の価値も無い
死に体 錆び付いた哀れな老人 お前を待っているのは墓だけだ
老兵は去れ お前が我が物顔で闊歩していた時代は終わった

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